with Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Claudio Erlacher

written and directed by Benedetto Sicca

music Bruno Franceschini

sound design Marco Canali

set design Tommaso Garavini, Tommaso Guerra, Flavia Di Nardo


finalist at Riccione Prize 2010


opening night March 22nd 2009

The touching monologue of a father, that, to help his autistic child and to find enough money to carry on, is ready to renounce even to his own private life.

A father and a son. To remember, to revive, to repeat the story of their life and the path of their memory, trough the violences sufferd and the familiar refuges. The memory that revive trough the childhood talking tales. The memory that put the past on the present, to make it actual. The tale of a great love between who can not distinguish between the Good and the Evil and stay fatally victim of who know and practice the evil and the good.

Benedetto Sicca, creator and director of the project and Giuseppe Bevilacqua – the body and the voice of the Father in this tale – created an unknown language, starting from the linguistic code typical of the Fiuli and deteriorating the phonetic, the lexic and the prosody. 

(Napoli Fringe Festival 2009)

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.