with Emilio Vacca, Francesco Vitiello

written and directed by Benedetto Sicca

production Interno5/Ludwig

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"Save for the two or three for the butterflies" is a Little Prince sentence.


The text is a dialogue in 24 tableaux. The characters, in an unknown 'when' and 'where', don't have other entertainment than themselves. The boundaries of their own language became the boundaries of their relation. From the repetition they extract the meaning of life, but their timeless relationship is in a moment of transition.


The Prince has made actions to protect his (beloved) rose: he killed the the two or three for the butterflies.


Starting from this actions, and from the regret to have saved those caterpillars that maybe has been lethal to his rose, we can imagine that, after a long wondering, the Prince came back to his Fox, to spend with her a long timeless time.


The couple has two games to take them company: 'Interfiaba' and 'Passat-tempo'.


Between the skirmish and the bound “of an other world”, the two characters, trough their said and not-said, grew old "in different times". And seems that they are condemned to something eternal that is not solitude and not even knowledge