We don't work just at common projects, but our project is to put in common our work. We work in the “/”.

Thinking to a gesture that speaks about one our tear. And then elaborate that gesture according to this indication: “It's our tear/eco”. That's the first meeting with the “/”.

Since then the “/” became language, tough: a concept. It became a way to say something different from sum, subtraction, division, sequence, juxtaposition, synthesis, analysis. One thing that assumed a creative specificity. A “/” and stop.

Thw “/” is a graphic sign in which we try to collect the full inner tangibility of our trip: it is alive and accessible, becaming the substance of the approach to our days.

The “/” is a language issue, and is a composition issue.

The composer method is comparable just to complex answers, but it is possible just trough the use of models that permit to nominate the relationships between things and people.

The “/”, this line that doesn't fall, but don't even stand, has achieved an equilibrium in which our strong individualities are inclined to and have aspiration to, besides and especially they keep alive their tensions in a sustainable dis-equilibrium.

Having at your side reverse tonal values of your own image, constantly in juxtaposition, is the cornerstone to construct a not univocal message, but kaleidoscopical, as the combination of the possible synthesis of our toughs.

So don't call us business, group, company, family, friends.

Call us “/”.