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officina di linguaggi contemporanei

LUDWIG – officina di linguaggi contemporanei is a cultural association that conduce a cultural project that aim to connect themes of the contemporaneity and languages (we use the plural for a reason), that permit to research and to focus on some  of their vital aspects. Each project wants to connect issues related to memory, social life values and the contraction of relationships, with a focus on the language: we start from the idea that every creation inaugurate a language, we want to experiment also, trough the use of the most advanced technologies, how is possible to contaminate the different languages that concern a performing act with the contemporary civilization.

In the projects are involved artist coming from Italy and the rest of the world and almost everyone is under 35. Each of them gave and give his creative contribute to the projects.

LUDWIG's action is comparable to the function of an “umbrella”. Is that the way we want to think about us: an object that give at least the impression of repair who walk in the storm.

We are living in a dark moment, in which the arrogance and the discrimination have reconciled with themselves; they bartered the fake modesty with the power, and founded a new system of dis-values that enter in everybody's houses to cultivate the beauty of the homologation, the fear (and the rage) toward who's not instantaneously recognisable as “average”.

The umbrella is to tell, to remember, to provoke, to evoke, to use the art tools to light a spotlight on what we can't change. The umbrella is the delirious illusion of being able to chip the world and of being able to reverse the clandestinity. It is the delirious illusion of not get wet under the deluge, thanks to an umbrella.

The clandestine thoughts, emotions, choices, and not just the civil ones, are opportunities, in comparison to the standard and standardizing thought. Composing thought and beauty is one of the most difficult conscious tasks that the Art can assign itself to give dignity back to these opportunities. 

LUDWIG - officina di linguaggi contemporanei

Viale Piave, 38 - 20129 Milano MI

Partita IVA 06360611211

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