The newly-refurbished Chiostro di San Domenico has been the evocative setting for the third operatic production of the 40th Festival della Valle d’Itria. We could not turn down our traditional initiative of involving the young talents of the Accademia del Belcanto specialised in 17th century repertoire. This work is, as always, left in the expert hands of Antonio Greco, a specialist in performance and in teaching (he is the head of the department of Baroque vocality, style and practice in the Accademia Celletti together with Roberta Mameli and Sonia Prina).

Agostino Steffani is a gifted author whose musical worth has recently been the subject of studies and much-acclaimed productions. La lotta d'Ercole con Acheloo, has never been performed in modern days. Benedetto Sicca took care of the direction; he is a young prose director who studied at the school of Luca Ronconi, and this is his debut in Opera. Scenes are by Maria Paola Di Francesco and costumes by Manuel Pedretti.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Project accademia del Belcanto "Rodolfo Celletti"


Divertimento drammatico

music Agostino Steffani

Libretto Bartolomeo Ortensio Mauro
Review Cinthia Pinheiro Alireti

Ercole (Alcide) - Dara Savinova
Deianira - Federica Pagliuca
Acheloo - Riccardo Angelo Strano
Eneo - Aurelio Schiavoni

Dancers Fattoria Vittadini: Mattia Agatiello, Cesare Benedetti, Luciano Ariel Lanza, Riccardo Olivier
Choreography by Benedetto Sicca and Fattoria Vittadini


conductor Maestro Antonio Greco
direction Benedetto Sicca
set design Maria Paola Di Francesco
costumes design Manuel Pedretti
light design Giuseppe Calabrò

Baroque Ensemble dell’Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia


first staging in modern times Martina Franca - Chiostro di San Domenico Friday, July 25th 2014 h 21:00