by Benedetto Sicca

with Mauro Lamantia, Cecilia Ligorio, Paola Michelini, Beppe Salmetti, Giorgio Sorrentino, Simone Tangolo

light design Marco Giusti

set and costume design Mariapaola Di Francesco

music Chiara Mallozzi


preview: ATIR Teatro Ringhiera October 31st 2013

opening night: Nuovo Teatro Nuovo di Napoli February 7th 2015

“il silenzio dei cassetti” is a tableaux playwright. The action develops trough an assembly mechanism, that doesn't follow the rules of chronology but accumulation; and that doesn't even follow the logical rules: the reality level, the fictional and the dream ones lay one upon the others to built some hypothetical plots in which the reality pass more trough the characters point of view than trough a tale. Every tableaux can be potentially attributed to one of these levels, and, as such, are contingent to the plot.

At the core of the interlaced vicissitudes, full of death-ends, there are two characters: Marinella and Tommaso: their struggle to affirm their personality supremacy, provoke an events and relationships, real or supposed, web that actually change existences.

But the death ends are the real meaning bringers. The images, the everyday problems, the characters social and politics unawareness juxtaposition speaks about a world in which the good and the evil are fuzzy categories; about a world where uncertainty is the rule of the civil cohabitation; about a world where ideological contrast are as much TV products, as a subject of intimate, deep, lifelong research.

The text language swings between a naturalistic and everyday track and an other one deeply lyrical. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.