actors/dancers Piera Ardessi, Andrea Capaldi, Pier Giuseppe Di Tanno, Hervè Guerrisi, Giuseppe Lanino, Paola Michelini, Gaia Saitta, Daniela Vitale, Vania Ybarra

adaptapion and direction Benedetto Sicca

movements Lea Canu Ginoux

mime Pablo Volo

sound design Marco Canali

light design Marco Giusti













Katzelmacher is a Fassbinder's text, in which the title refers to a deprecatory expression used to define the Italian immigrants in Germany in the 70's.

Starting from Fassbinder words we analyzed the theme of the racism based as on the fear of the different as on the desire of the different, that are two aspects of only one attitude full, in any case, of cruelity.

We developed, in different phases of the residencies, a study on the thread that connect the chorus, the pack, the group, the society, as dots who swing on the same line and that regulate in function of time and space, different ways to relate with difference and desire. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

opening night Galleria Toledo October 11th 2010

residency at Nuovo Teatro Nuovo di Napoli 


residency - San Vito dei Normanni / Ostuni

preview at Festival Internazionale di Montalcino -July 31st 2010

Bringing the reflection, faced in the Residency, at it's extreme theatre consequences, trough the language contamination and “the invention” of an other language, foreign even to the audience, we go straight to build a chorus, that with his bodies, voices, in the naked space, that's “it's enough to himself”, and in a metaphorical way make itself the only element necessary to its life, as some social group, that if do not implode, explode in intolerance and fear of the difference, do.