with Monica Demuru 

words to play Benedetto Sicca

music Chiara Mallozzi

care di Interno 5 | Ludwig


preview Cappella di Sansevero January 6th 2012

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“il principe e la rondine” is based on an oscar Wilde tale.

Chiara Mallozzi's music and Benedetto Sicca's words evoke a delicate love story.

An exhibition that contaminate materials coming from classical and popular music, from literature and traditional poetry. Folk, jazz and blues atmosphere, language and the dialect from Sardinia, inspired from Caetano Veloso and Carmelo Bene. Music exploration trough the improvisation in which the current combinations are used in the improvisional flux to suggest different path and interpretations, in an artistic draw that pursue a personal sense of the world and of music. Fragments of compositions, acoustic effects, syllabic and texts articulation try to synthesize “the dark relation between narration and the mystery of sound”.

“Played words” that go straightly to the emotion, almost pushing it to measure itself with the most ancient and popular troubles, not superficial commotions, but impressions that hide in the deep.

Dreamlike impressions that rise slowly from the emptiness, dragged by rhythms and whispered tones, invoked, modulated, omitted and that change into an arcane meaning.