with Luca Carboni, Gabriel da Costa, Lara Hubinont, Luca Iervolino, Filippo Renda, Alfredo Martins, Severine Porzio, Gurshad Shaeman, Anja Tillberg

written and directed by Benedetto Sicca

co-direction and movement design Cecilia Ligorio

co-direction and multimedia design Filippo Renda

light design Marco Giusti


opening night: ATIR Teatro Ringhiera Milano November 8th 2013

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The disability, the illness, and all the other “barriers”, don't stop people to continue to love and to desire and it doesn't cancel the wish to feel erotically desired and sexually satisfied. This is the main theme on our research.

The project "Idiots Lab" is composed by a theatre performance, love_ability and the Manifesto on the sexual assistance, love_giver. 

Love_ability is a research path on movement disability caused by neuropathology and psychopathology, a creation based on the construction of a specific language shared in a 14 actors group from seven different nationalities. The work started after a reflection on Lars Von Trier movie, "Idioterne".

Love_giver, written by Maximiliano Ulivieri and Maurizio Nada, is an essay that focus on the relationship between sexuality and disability and on the sexual assistant figure: a person prepared to support and educate individuals who, because of different types of disability, have a reduced possibility to sexually express themselves.

The directing team guided by Benedetto Sicca has participated to three residencys, the first one in Naples, the second in Lisbona and the third in Liege. Two other work phases in Mondaino (RN) and Naples brought to life an event in which the Manifesto and the Performance have been the occasion to discuss and to make a political and artistic reflection: in one side the struggle project for a new definition of the civil rights, in another a deformed narration of the reality to examine the complexity of the human soul.