with Paola Michelini, Luca Saccoia, Giorgio Sorrentino, Emilio Vacca, Valentina Vacca, Francesco Vitiello, Candida Nieri

written and directed by Benedetto Sicca

movement design Pablo Volo

assistant director Natalia Di Vivo

music Francesca Ferri

set design Flavia di Nardo/Tommaso Garavini

light design Marco Giusti

costume design Simone Valsecchi

production Vincenzo Ambrosino

organizzation Hilenia De Falco

logistics Adele Gallo

administration Sergio Tassi

production Interno5/Ludwig

co-production con Benevento Città Spettacolo/Festival delle Colline Torinesi

cooperation with Primavera dei Teatri

Frateme is the story of a Neapolitan family, that live in the Forcella district, in a desolated set of garbage not collected that burns. The family is composed by the Mother, the Father and three children: the first one Primo and Secondo and Seconda who are twins. In the family vicissitudes enter some others character: Alfredo, Primo's psychologist, Corinna, Seconda's old english teacher, and Antonio, called Frateme, Secondo's friend and work partner, as he is, jockey.


Primo, Secondo e Seconda are, with different auto-consciousness degrees and with different ways to relate with the society, homosexuals. In this “tutt' o 'ccuntrario” (up side down) family, as Primo define it in the 2nd act, will develop all the supportive an obsessive mechanism, made of overprotection and not-said thoughts, that hide in a every social nucleus.


The personal intrusiveness not required and the not-said deflagration, will bring to the epilogue in which the blood bonds will turn into clan bonds; in which every character identity will be naked for what it is, without any protection from guilt of a twenty year long lasting silence. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.