with Francesca Ciocchetti

dramaturg and director Benedetto Sicca

from Arianna Giorgia Bonazzi

3D animation Marco Farace – Insomnia Team Group

set design Tommaso Garavini, Flavia Di Nardo

sound design Marco Canali

light design Marco Giusti

costume design Simone Valsecchi

production Napoli Teatro Festival Italia – CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia – LUDWIG officina di linguaggi contemporanei


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Interview to Bendetto Sicca by Renzo Francabandera at Napoli Teatro Festival Teatro San Ferdinando on June 8th 2010

First preview with Gaia Insenga at Napoli Teatro Festival in 2008 Nuove Sensibilità

Preview shotted in 2010 at Napoli Teatro Festival, in coproduction with 'CSS di Udine' on June 8th 2010.


Les adieux is a book written by Arianna Giorgia Bonazzi, edited by Fandango. Arianna Giorgia Bonazzi is a young writer from Friuli (North East of Italy) discovered by Alessandro Baricco at Scuola Holden.

Les adieux is the story of a child told trough the voice, the tones and the fragmentation typical of the childhood, that cut, paste, put on top, quote pieces of discoveries and hearsay, borrowed from adults, television and the crowd who surround her.

Les adieux is the story of an 80's family told trough the losses impressed in the conciousness of a little Alice in Wonderland or little Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, that trough the language build her golden bricks path.

The idea of the setting of Les adieux was born from the evocative potential of a text that speaks in a poetical and cruel way of a whole generation of children entrusted to grandparents and to the early commercial tv shows, and that with them learned to make their first imagination exercises. It's a text that, trough the childhood language, naked the cruelty of family bounds and their lack of communication potential.

The writing structure, based on a dialectic and complex relationship between objects and their ability to evoke memories in the main character mind, and then change into sometigh else and vanish, enlighted the problem to find an “directing idea” that didn't give time to the memory object to appear in all their concreteness, but to be able to materialize them for the neccesary time to make the memory turn them into something else.

The answer to this directing query, arrived from the meeting with Marco Farance and “Insonnia Team”, a group who developed in a thecnological and creative level, the use of stereoschopy, a taking and projection technique, that, trough the use of 3Dglasses is able to materialize any virtual 3D object in the space.


So is born the project of the mise en scene, based on the relation between an actress and the stereoschopic images, that enveloping entirely the space shared with the audience, turning it into the main character in the child's memory and toughs, and this toughs change endlessly and stop on an object just to change into the next one.

We consider that the contamination between the actress body, the sounds and the tridimensional images can bring the audience in a real other-Wonderland in which, trough the author words, it can discover fragments of his childhood and his little and big goodbyes.